Square One, Again?

The Last Samurai movie was on. The moment when Tom Cruise receives his new clothes inside the village of the japanese was being played. The girl watching in the living room said out loud:«I don’t like it» stood up and left the room as if someone had heard her.

The girl related to the feeling portrayed in that scene. The fact to be kids again, to be learners when you are old. Just as the last samurai did. He was in a unknown land and everything was new, nothing made sense. He had to learn all over again everything. The girl infront understood. That’s what she didn’t like.

She had always been in the right place. She had always belonged to the right place, and knew all the rules. She knew from the beginning how things had to be done and what things needed to be followed. But soon she found out that life wasn’t a prescription. That principles couldn’t be memorized and done. Life wasn’t a mold of bread. She couldn’t just make it turn out right. Life came in different shapes and aspects and if you haven’t understand the principles behind life, it was useless to try. She didn’t know how to live a true life. Rules were just a piece of paper then.

Unfourtunately, this lesson came when she was old enough. And to be a relearner again was hard. There was a sense of shame. She that always had been in front, giving the lessons, guiding new ones in the right track, clearifyng thoughts and concepts, was being taught over. Felt a little denagrating. So she did know it felt to be the one that doesn’t know how nose is called. To be in that process is risky, is shameful or that is how she felt. Because we need correction, we need guidelines, we are in the spot of need, in the vulnerability. And how we hate to be vulnerable. In this world that teaches you that life is hard, that at the end you are alone, and that you need to watch for yourself bacuase no one else will.


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